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You may have contemplated the idea of setting up an estate plan for your family for quite some time, and perhaps even set a personal goal to address it within the coming month or year. But putting your affairs in order tends to be easily postponed, even if you recognize its significance in safeguarding your family and hard-earned assets. Now is the perfect time to get started on future preparations and stop putting them off!

If you find yourself intimidated by the estate planning process or feel uneasy contemplating your own mortality, rest assured that you are not alone. At ProvenLaw, we are here to walk you through each step of the process, reducing stress and providing you with the information you need to make sound decisions. Reach out to our experienced Springdale estate planning attorneys today to arrange a complimentary introductory consultation and discover how a comprehensive estate plan can benefit both you and your loved ones!

Springdale Estate Planning Attorneys

What Should Be Included In My Estate Plan?

A living will (also known as an advance directive) – This estate planning document clearly expresses your wishes for what health care decisions should be made on your behalf, so if you should become incapacitated, your medical providers and your family members will all know without a doubt what you would have wanted them to do. 

A trust (or many trusts) – A trust functions as a legal entity, separate from you, that owns your assets. By establishing a trust and appointing someone to oversee its property for the benefit of your beneficiaries or heirs, you ensure their well-being. Trusts play a vital role in estate planning due to their ability to shield assets from creditors during unforeseen circumstances such as illness or divorce. Additionally, government aid programs like Medicaid allow trusts to bypass probate upon your passing. With various types of trusts available, our Springdale estate planning attorneys can assist you in selecting those that best suit your objectives.

A durable power of attorney – The purpose of this legal document is to grant a designated individual the power to make important decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so due to incapacitation. By establishing limitations and specifying the duration of their authority, you can exercise control over what actions they may take in your name. In situations where you are unable to fulfill your daily obligations, such as maintaining your residence or handling financial matters like bill payments, having a power of attorney can provide reassurance that these responsibilities will be properly managed.

Beneficiary designations – Naming one or more beneficiaries on your accounts, such as retirement accounts, bank accounts, life insurance policies, annuities, etc., can allow them to pass directly to the individuals you want to inherit or manage them following your death. 

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How Does An Estate Plan Affect My Family After I’m Gone?

It is a common misconception that having a will guarantees the smooth transfer of one’s estate. However, even with a will in place, probate may still be necessary. Probate is an extensive and costly court procedure aimed at validating the will and ensuring that the deceased’s final wishes are fulfilled. By developing a comprehensive estate plan you can effectively bypass the need for probate and ensure that your family directly inherits your assets without delay. This approach also offers protection against potential challenges to your will or trust from external sources, safeguarding your loved ones’ rightful inheritance.

Our Springdale Estate Planning Attorneys Can Ensure That Your Legacy Is Protected

At Proven Law, our primary focus is handling all matters surrounding estate law, and we are very good at it! Our estate planning attorneys have over 95 years of combined experience and have been voted the Best of Southern Utah for four years in a row. You can rely on us to put your mind at ease and ensure that your wishes will be honored, no matter what. Call today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation and allow us to answer any questions you may have.

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Tom and his staff were very helpful and patient in explaining everything to me because I had no idea what I was needing or doing. Very timely and extremely helpful. I have already recommended them to friends who knew I was going through the process.

Shawn J.

Tom and his staff were very helpful and patient in explaining everything to me because I had no idea what I was needing or doing. Very timely and extremely helpful. I have already recommended them to friends who knew I was going through the process.

Shawn J.

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